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Outdoor Lighting

Most people’s thoughts about curb appeal focus on perfectly manicured lawns, beautifully hardscaped driveways, and flowers or plants that accent the structure. Just as important as those features, your outdoor lighting choice is every bit as essential. 

 Gone are the days of a singular lamppost that functions as a way to get from the driveway to the front door. Now, your lighting choices are an important part of outdoor aesthetics. One of the most popular trends is uplighting. Here, the light beams shine upward and can either highlight one specific area or create dramatic shadow. Spotlights and underground lights are examples of lighting features that help show off your home’s beauty and provide the external light you need. 

 Your exterior illumination choices are also important for your safety and security. Motion sensor lights are a great addition to any front or backyard. The lights turn on automatically when something moves across the sensor. They are a great deterrent against unwanted people entering your yard or driveway and allow you to see neighborhood wildlife that may have entered your yard. This is a great feature, especially when doing evening chores like taking out the garbage or getting out of your car on a rainy night. 

 The right outdoor lighting helps with safety in other ways too. Even the most pristine homes and sidewalks can lend themselves to being a fall risk. Properly placed pathway lights chart the course and make potential hazards readily seen. Another way to avoid an injury with your lighting choices is by using a timer for your outdoor lights. Setting the lights to go on and off at specific times ensures your property is well lit at the right time, reduces your electric bill by decreasing the amount of time the lights are on, and increases bulb longevity. 

 If outdoor entertaining is a mainstay in your life, you will love the different designs available to really enhance your space. Whether your outdoor area is rustic, modern, bohemian, or contemporary, we can find the right light for you. Whimsical string lights along the areas where your guests will gather are an increasingly popular style. Soft built-in lights on porches and railings add a subtle touch. The proper flow of lighting connects the interior and exterior, creating the illusion of a bigger space. A great way to set the mood is colored lighting, and you can take that literally. The subconscious mind reacts differently to colors. Greens, yellows, and oranges set the tone for a happy and relaxing atmosphere. Oranges can also trigger the release of oxygen in the brain, heightening mental activity and making for some stimulating conversation. Dimmer switches allow you to enjoy the full range of a color. 

 There are so many styles and unique features to fit your need and budget. Whether you are looking for the perfect lighting or are interested in making your home safer, All Seasons Landscaping and Lawn Care can help make your ideas come to be. Call us at 225-276-8658 to get started and have your home come to life with light.